Vision & Mission


To equip and train people to be effective in a multi-cultural world.


We live in a multi-cultural world where interacting cross-culturally can be a very positive experience, but it can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication. Many people are unaware how much their own cultural background affects how much they think and the way they communicate with others.

Whether you are a charity or business seeking to send workers overseas, whether you are a business person working with partners from other nations or whether you are involved in a small local community based voluntary organisation, we all encounter those from different cultural backgrounds from our own.

Cascade Cultural Solutions offers training and consulting to organisations to help them understand their own cultural background and that of the people that they work with, in order for them to build positive relationships resulting from effective communication and an understanding of cultural differences.


Cascade Cultural Solutions provides services for the private, public and voluntary sector.

Our clients are provided with tools to help them understand cultural diversity and effective ways to successfully manage interactions.

All of our training courses can be customised to individual requirements, and a thorough needs audit will be carried out for larger projects. If you would like any training that is not listed here please contact us, as training can be provided to suit requirements.

Follow up services are also available.