When I heard about the training, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to close the Nursery for a day and have a whole day training in our setting, this allowed all staff time to reflect and bond.

The content was particularly relevant to current Ofsted requirements and to the staff and community where we are based. Shirley shared ‘hands on’ experiences from her travels and time spent living in other countries. Staff enjoyed the participant activities that were varied and fun and everyone agreed that it was one of the best days training they had attended. Sarah

Nursery Manager

I found the (Cultural) Diversity training so surprising and thought provoking. Having lived abroad as a child and now working with families from different countries and cultures, I thought I knew and understood how important diversity is and how to ensure that all families feel included. During the course I learnt so much about myself, my culture and the stereotypes I didn’t realise I had. I learnt about the culture shock and how we perceive different cultures. I am in the process of re-evaluating my practice and changing some of the approaches I have had in the past. I recommend this course to everyone, even if you feel you know all there is to know about diversity. You will surprise yourself. Jo

Early Years Practitioner

This has been one of the best training sessions I have attended. It examined aspects of cultural diversity through the lens of empathy and compassion – we really are all world citizens. Caroline

Head of Nursery

I attended one of Shirley’s ‘re-entry’ seminars at a conference recently and found both the content and the delivery of Shirley’s training relevant, accessible and challenging. As a TCK (Third Culture Kid) myself I have rarely had opportunities to explicitly process and reflect on all the issues connected to moving across cultural, linguistic and geographic margins. Shirley’s personal experience, thorough reflection and warm personality make her an ideal person to teach and train in this much needed area. Patrick

Re-entry seminar

Shirley’s combination of a thorough academic understanding of the subject with her considerable personal experience ensured that her course was highly informative and insightful.

Her excellent presentation skills and her ability to tailor the course to meet the needs of the participants, made it a valuable and entertaining session. Carol


This course met our training requirements exactly as briefed. We are a large team of varying experiences; from young trainees to experienced practitioners, we also have a number of staff members who have experienced living in other countries. This course was pitched exactly to meet the individual needs so that everyone was challenged to think about their practice, especially with our families from overseas. I would recommend this course to any setting regardless of the cultural backgrounds of their families. Debbie

Early Years Manager

The course brought to my attention the importance of intercultural human interactions, cross cultural communications and the culture shock curve. I have also managed to get a better understanding of the ‘cultural iceberg’. The personal approach of the course was reflected by the trainer’s personal life experiences and the examples she offered. Overall, a really good course to attend, designed to capture different audiences and interests. Georgeta

Early Years Practitioner

Shirley is an excellent trainer, combining her thorough knowledge of the subject with her calm supportive manner which encourages participant engagement.

She writes and delivers material with the right balance of direct teaching and participant activity and maintains a pace which meets the needs of those attending.

She is always careful to ensure that everyone leaves her courses having positively gained from the experience. Karen

Local Authority Team Leader

A group from our church attended cross cultural training presented by Shirley. It was very well presented, informative and challenging. The content was relevant to our context and Shirley tailored the course to meet the individual needs of the participants. It helped us reflect on our own understanding of culture, our personal views and attitudes, our individual and church practices and how these might be challenged and changed to help the church community be more welcoming, diverse and inclusive. Sue

Church training course

Being given time to reflect on what home means to me was a healing process. It’s now much easier to let go of belongings. The workshop was well presented; professional yet approachable. Very practical. Kevin

Re-entry course

Shirley presented with confidence her findings to an audience of very experienced charity workers.

This was well received and issues were explored in a detailed manner in the Q&A session that followed.

Shirley’s thorough preparation was evident in the way she presented to her audience and responded to the individual questions. John

Manager in a charity

I appreciated the variety of teaching methods and how the approaches were changed quite often to hold our attention. Very creative. Kirstin

Re-entry course