Universities and International Schools

Culture shock! Living and studying abroad

Course Length: Full day

Living and studying abroad is a huge life change and requires strong adaptation skills in order to adjust. This course is suitable for any educational institution that has students coming from other countries to study, from periods of a few months to several years. It looks at the concepts of culture, and how cultures differ from one another, before going on to provide strategies for adapting to a new culture.

Homeward bound! Returning to your home country after studying abroad

Course Length: Full day or half day

Many people find adjusting back to their home culture more difficult than moving abroad, but often little support is given to help with this process. This course looks at the concepts of home and cultural identity, re-entry challenges and the stages of re-entry, as well as strategies to help returnees move forward.

This course is suitable for students planning to return to their home country after studying abroad, and helps with the preparation and planning for the return as well as the re-entry experience itself.

Communicating Across Cultures

Course Length: Full day or half day

Communication is a complex process which occurs ‘whenever someone attributes meaning to another’s words and actions’ (Martin & Nakayama 2011). With subtle differences around how different cultural groups communicate, there is much opportunity for misunderstandings to occur.

This course looks at how culture impacts upon our communication and suggests strategies to communicate effectively. If you interact with people from different cultures then this course is for you.

Team work – Getting the best from working in multi-cultural teams

Course Length: Full day or half day

There are many benefits of working in a multi-cultural team as diverse teams can often produce great ideas and outcomes. However, the route to getting there can often be difficult as our culture influences not just how we behave but also how we think, communicate, and interact.

This course considers the concepts of diversity and inclusion, and how to become an inclusive organisation. It looks at the influence of culture on a team; team dynamics and overcoming conflict in multi-cultural teams. It can include working in virtual teams if that is appropriate.

By attending this training delegates can consider the team situations that they work in and how their own cultural identity and that of others impacts on team dynamics. Strategies are given to support teams to work more effectively and make the most of their diversity.

Effective volunteering trips overseas

Course Length: half day or evening course

Many groups now go overseas for a few weeks, often to areas of poverty, with a desire to help the community that they will be working with, but how can we ensure that we are effective in achieving these goals?

Whilst much time and effort is put into planning the trip, and raising funds to go, there is often less preparation for the cultural aspects that are important to ensure an effective partnership between the two groups.

By looking at the cultural dynamics of the groups involved we can consider how to communicate well and develop a strong working relationship.

This course will help groups prepare for the different culture that they will encounter, and consider the emotional response of encountering poverty. Participants will be challenged to think about aspects of privilege and power, and to think about how this impacts on cross cultural partnerships. The importance of developing cross cultural relationships is discussed with strategies given to help participants accomplish this along with considering the long-term impact of their trip.

Debriefing can also be offered to individuals and groups on their return from overseas trips.

Supporting children, young people and families from diverse cultural backgrounds

Course Length: Half day, twilight or evening course

We live in a multi-cultural society and benefit from the rich diversity that this brings. However, challenges can arise when supporting people from different cultural backgrounds than our own. All educational institutions in the UK need to meet the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010, but this course takes us beyond merely not discriminating against people from different cultures and looks at how to successfully include everyone. If you want to know how to be more effective in the support that you give, then this course is for you.

This course looks at the concept of culture and how we all have been shaped by the cultural influences that we have encountered. It considers generalisations and stereotypes, cultural norms and values, and communicating across cultures.